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Welcome to Logan Smiles General Services!


The Logan Smiles team provides general dental services for families and their loved ones.  We pride ourselves on being skilled at delivering a large range high quality services in a friendly environment.  


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White Dental Fillings

36948856_sDental decay is a common condition affecting many people. Materials used today have advanced considerably, and we have a variety of different options when looking at fixing your broken tooth back into function.

White fillings are our most popular option as they allow us a quick and affordable option to fix the broken tooth with a material that matches your tooth colour. This option is great for teeth at the front and the back, and can help get your tooth shape back to its former shape.


Crowns & Bridges

For teeth that have been affected badly by dental decay, or have had a knock or trauma to it, may not be able to be fixed as easily with white fillings. In these cases, we use dental crowns to help rebuild the strength in the tooth. Crowns can be made up of a gold, porcelain or ceramic, or combination of these materials. The crowns are custom made for your tooth, so require additional appointments to complete.

23860771_sA crown may be suitable for you if:
– Your tooth is made up of more than half filling material
– If you have had root canal treatment
– If your tooth is worn or broken
– If your tooth is discoloured

If you are missing multiple teeth, a bridge may be a more suitable option for you. A fixed dental bridge is made up artificial teeth attached to your natural teeth by a crown on either side. Bridges can help to restore your normal chewing function, improve your smile and fill in the gaps.

The team at Logan Smiles Family Dental is happy to discuss with you your options for crowns and bridges to help bring back your smile.

Root Canal Treatment

The tooth can be divided into two sections – the crown, which is the part of the tooth above the gums; and the root, the part of the tooth below the gums. The root of the tooth is where the nerve is housed. Large decay, or heavy trauma to the tooth can cause the nerve to become unhealthy, and badly infected.

12045569_sSigns and symptoms your tooth may need root canal treatment include:

  • Severe, constant throbbing
  • Extended sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Facial swelling
  • Infection, or abscess near the tooth

To help avoid extraction and losing a tooth, root canal treatment helps to clean this nerve space and to remove the infection and pain. Once the root is healthy, we help to fix the part of the tooth above the gums by reinforcing it with a custom made crown.


New techniques in dentistry allow us to place artificial teeth into the mouth that help to replace missing teeth removed due to deep decay or trauma. This method involves placing a dental implant – a titanium screw – into the space, and rebuilding it with a custom made dental crown to improve chewing function, speech and aesthetics.

20679958_sA team of specialist dentists in the Logan and South Brisbane area provides the dental implant treatment, with the dentists at Logan Smiles Family Dentist completing the final stages. This is a great option, as it means we are able to replace teeth with a strong, and fixed alternative without compromising on quality of care. Contact the team to find out if this is a suitable option for your smile.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth commonly start to come into the mouth between the ages of 18 -25. They can be uncomfortable as they come through, and there is often not enough space in the mouth for them.

21045455_sLogan Smiles dentists can assist with removal of wisdom teeth. A full mouth xray is often needed to determine the position and shape of the teeth. Some wisdom teeth may be more difficult due to their position, or if the roots are close to adjacent nerves. These teeth may be more comfortably removed by an Oral and Maxillofacial specialist.

The dentists at Logan Smiles will help talk you through your options to ensure you have the best results from your procedure.

16217460_sDental Extractions

If a tooth is injured, or dental decay causes damage beyond repair, extraction of the tooth may be necessary to avoid infection or further damage to adjacent teeth.

The Logan Smiles dentists are experienced at tooth extractions, and can assist with fixing your dental emergency or broken tooth, as well as advising on options to replace the missing tooth.

Preventative Dentistry

Logan Smiles dentists are focused on preventative treatment to avoid major dental treatment and leaving your teeth and gums stronger and healthier.  Logan Smiles offers comprehensive checkup appointments that will measure your gum and dental health. 
Logan Smiles has the newest equipment that ensures you get the best experience at your visits.  Digital xrays are the newest and safest way for taking dental xrays, enabling the lowest radiation dose. At Logan Smiles we ensure that we only take xrays when required so that our patients avoid any unnecessary exposure. 
Keeping your teeth decay, stain and tartar free is important, while keeping your gums healthy is the foundation to a happy and healthy smile. Contact the team to find out more!


Custom-fitted mouthguards can significantly minimize trauma to teeth, surrounding tissues and jaws caused by sporting collisions. They adapt to the teeth and gums, which provide protection to teeth during contact and allow you to speak and breathe clearly during sports games. Logan Smiles and The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends custom-fitted mouthguards, as they have been shown to best reduce the various injuries resulting from trauma.

Sporting accidents, especially contact sports, are one of the most common causes of dental trauma. The injuries can range from chipped or broken teeth, concussion of the tooth, displacement of the tooth, and in the worst case, complete removal of the tooth. The trauma is also likely to cause injury to the surround soft tissues.

Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard made by a dentist can assist in absorbing and distributing the impact and therefore minimise or hopefully eliminate any trauma. Dental injuries can be painful and the injury can be long lasting. The injury and costs far exceed the cost of a custom-made mouthguard.

The custom-made dental mouthguard require simple impressions of your teeth by the dentist to make an imprint of your teeth on which the mouthguard is fabricated. Logan Smiles strives for a quick manufacture of your mouthguard to ensure you have it for game day!

At Logan Smiles, we believe the best way to looking after your smile for whiter and stronger teeth is with regular maintenance. We believe in prevention of dental disease and educating you on how to look after your teeth to keep them strong and sturdy. The biggest smiles belong to those who have regular visits to prevent dental decay and gum disease.

The team at Logan Smiles recommend visiting the dentist every six months to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy, and to make it easier for you to clean at home. Logan Smiles dentists and their team place a lot of importance on making visits to the dentist comfortable and stress free – by the friendly smiles, the modern technology and TV’s on the ceiling so you don’t miss any of your favourite shows.

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