Fun & Friendly Children's Dentistry

At Logan Smiles Family Dental, we believe that good habits and good attitudes start young. This means creating a fun and inviting space for children to learn how to look after their teeth.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule
(Bulk Billing For Children)

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a government initiative which provides basic dental services to eligible children to a value of $1000 over two consecutive calendar years.

Some services include:

  • General checkups and cleaning
  • Xrays
  • Fissure sealing for preventing problems arising
  • Fillings
  • Extractions

At Logan Smiles Family Dental, we bulk bill treatment under CDBS so there is no out of pocket expense for you (up to the value of $1000) for selected services.

Some conditions and exclusions do apply – see Medicare for more information.


Child Dental Benefit Scheme
Child Dental Benefit Scheme Info

Ways To Help With Your Child's First Visit

Dental experience is largely psychological and your role as a parent can play a huge part in the dental experiences of your child. Dentistry has changed a lot in recent years and even if you may have dental anxiety, your child can be free of it!

Some Tips!

  • Be positive and speak about the dentist in a positive tone. You have a big influence on your child’s perception of the dentist. The team at Logan Smiles is experienced at helping to shape a positive and happy space for your little one
  • The team at Logan Smiles have developed ways to explain everything dental related to both parents and child so that everyone can understand what the appointment involves without any dental anxiety. Avoiding negative words like ‘needle’ or ‘hurt’ will allow us to use language that is easier to understand and not as scary for your children. Even saying 'It won't hurt darling!' is using a negatively associated word and can impact their experience.
  • Start the dental health journey young and get your child involved in looking after their teeth. Bring them with you to your 6 monthly check up appointments and we can let them have a ride in the dental chair and get to know the dentist. They can learn the unique sounds and smells of the dentist office and maybe even get excited about their checkup 'next time'.
  • Let us know what your child loves, what their favourite colour is and what their favourite TV show is, and we can help make coming to the dentist fun and educational for everyone.

Book Your Children In For A Checkup!


Early and regular dental checkups can prevent unpleasant dental experiences! Book in with your child!



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